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Keep circulating the tapes

We’ve got movie sign!

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Snow day hijinks

Last Tuesday, it snowed. And we’ve got the video to prove it.

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Wherefore art thou, Mr. Plow?

The snowpocalypse is coming! Let’s all live in denial and watch a video of a cute baby instead.

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Dinner and a song

If you choose to sit at The Girl’s table, be warned – she’s a regular Ethel Merman.

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Multimedia extravaganza

I’ve got a backlog of videos and photos to get out to you people, so here’s a boatload of stuff to watch.

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Made in Taiwan

Oh, virtual reality… is there anything you can’t make more accessible for the idiotic masses?

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Back to the future

Since some of you folks seemed to appreciate the early 80s tech reports the other day, here’s a handful of commercials that will remind you of simpler times as well.

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These kids and their darn technology

Think you had it hard trying to decide on whether to get a fancy new Blu-Ray player or just another old, reliable DVD player this Christmas? Just be glad you didn’t have to do your holiday shopping back in the old wild west days of home video.

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