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STS-133… One year later

STS-133… One year later

I can’t believe it, but it’s been exactly a year since I stood between the countdown clock and the turning basin and watched Discovery lift off for the final time.

Friday Night Videos: Gamma House 2.0

You may think you have a lot of ceramic lobsters and fishnet hose-wearing fish in your house, but you’ve got nothing on this lady.

Wordless Wednesday: Back in port

With Endeavour’s solid rocket boosters returning this morning, I figured today would be a good day for the photos I took of NASA’s tireless and unsung retrievers, Freeedom Star and Liberty Star, hauling the SRBs from STS-133 back to Port Canaveral in February.

And now for the moving pictures

When I went to Florida in November, I took a ton of still photos, but totally forgot to use my little Flip cam. I decided to rectify that situation the second time around and this blog post is the result.


Discovery takes off for the final time and I was there!


Discovery finally shows us the goods. And it was worth the wait.

Wordless Wednesday: Waiting on Discovery

Last November, the space shuttle Discovery teased us with the prospect of a launch for a week. Today, I’m going back to Florida to see her finish the job.

Wordless Wednesday: Best of 2010 (part two)

Right now, you’re asking yourself how I could possibly follow up this morning’s post. The answer is simple: part two.

Wordless Wednesday: Iron Chef

Okay, maybe not a real Iron Chef, but the guy cooking our dinner at the Japanese steakhouse in Cocoa Beach had some mad skills. Allez cuisine!

A bittersweet end

I’m still sitting out here at the KSC press site, where about…