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Folks I Know

Here’s a list of people that I actually know (IRL, as the kids say) and follow online. It’s a mix of family, friends, co-workers and colleagues. And they all speak to me, so you know they have good taste.

  • Abductedcow – A friend from junior high/high school who’s making the magic happen in Austin.
  • Alison in China – A former student worker who blogged her way through China in the summer of 2009.
  • At Large… – The online ramblings of Roy Bragg, a fellow Aggie and one of the most followable newspaper guys in Texas.
  • Flametoad – A colleague from campus who likes to post interesting stuff.
  • Food Pointers Anonymous – My sister-in-law, who appears to have abandoned her blog. I leave the link here to shame her.
  • Just the Tip of the IceBerg – A fellow STS-133 Tweetupper from Iowa.
  • Memoirs of a Work in Progress – Another longtime friend. And also possibly my first wife, depending on how strict you are about marriage licenses and all that.
  • Musings from the Microplex – A colleague on campus who I actually started following online, then met in person about a year later.
  • Paolo Dy – An STS-133 Tweetupper from the Philippines who also happens to be film director, cinematographer and the owner of a very cool 3-D camera.
  • Run Away with Me – A friend from back in the day who has those kind of life experiences that make you want to punch her out of intense jealousy.
  • Silver Rockets – Another STS-133 Tweetupper who does an incredible job of showing the beauty of spaceflight.
  • Sue’s News – Another Aggie journalist with a passion for Texas history and making jewelry.
  • The (real simple) Life – A former intern at the newspaper who’s all grown up now.
  • The Augmented Fourth – A friend from high school and covert Canadian insurgent.
  • The Tuckers – A friend and fellow band geek who’s living the dream in H-town.
  • The Wood Life – One of my best friends from junior high/high school.
  • Through the Valley – A co-worker who has the incredible delight of having the office right next to me.

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