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The Dog

The DogThe Dog is a “retired” greyhound that we adopted from a greyhound rescue society in San Antonio. I put the word “retired” in quotation marks because The Dog did not actually ever race in actual competition and it’s hard to label someone as retired when they never did any work in the first place.

The Dog continues to do no work, unless you consider sleeping on the couch on your back with all four limbs stretched to the sky for 16-18 hours a day work. In fact, other than some excited jumping when we get home, a leisurely walk in the evening and a brief five minutes of running in the morning, The Dog just pretty much sleeps all the time. She does, however, love us all and appears to have developed a fondness for me in particular. She ignores The Cat for the most part, which may explain why we get along so well.

The Dog maintains a very passive-aggressive relationship with The Wife, which also explains why we’re BFFs.