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College Town

Friday Night Videos: Wheezing the juice

Following in the fine tradition of Vanilla Ice and Run DMC, Pauly Shore has reached the point in his career where he’s visiting places like our town. Unlike them, though, he’s made a horribly boring and disinterested “viral” video to promote it.

Welcome to the Chicken Strip

Welcome to the Chicken Strip

Las Vegas has the Strip. Paris has the Champs-Élysées. Chicago has the Magnificent Mile. And soon College Station will have its own stretch of notoriety.

Water! From the sky!

Ordinarily I’d say it’s a pretty slow news day when everyone gets excited about a little rain, but today’s storm was depressingly out of the ordinary. Oh, and we may have a new conspiracy theory on our hands.

Armadillo Dash Half Marathon

For my second half marathon, I kept it local.


On this day of giving thanks, I have a group in particular I’d like to single out for recognition.

Wordless Wednesday: Aggie Bonfire remembered

Ten years ago, 12 students lost their lives while working on the Aggie Bonfire. At 2:42 this morning, we remembered them, their lives and their spirit.

X marks the spot

This past week, the American Bandmasters Association Convention was held here in…

Nine years

Has it really been nine years since Bonfire fell? It’s hard to…

A post with no plot, but plenty of action

After surviving a week where we all got sick at one point…

What I’ve been up to

Well, I’ve got two excuses as to why I’ve been sparse around…