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Bold 2017 baseball predictions

Bold 2017 baseball predictions

Congratulations, everyone! It was a hell of a rough off-season, but we made it.

Oh sure, we might end up all dying soon from North Korean missiles, some random pandemic, or when SkyNet takes control of our self-driving cars, but for right now at least, meaningful baseball is back and everything is right again. We are, as Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes once warbled, “up where we belong.”1

In just a few minutes, the pursuit of our nation’s pastime will resume in one of it’s most beautiful and storied homes,2 and our long but continuous march towards the crisp and exciting days of October will begin. The seemingly endless torture of meaningless spring training games is over, millions of leftover hot dogs are being thawed out at stadiums across the country, and the Arlington Rangers’ roster is in disarray. It’s time for baseball.

Without further ado, here they are…


  • AL West: Houston Astros3
  • AL Central: Cleveland Indians
  • AL East: Boston Red Sox
  • AL Wildcards: Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners4
  • NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NL Central: Chicago Cubs5
  • NL East: New York Mets
  • NL Wildcards: San Francisco Giants, Washington Nationals6
  • The Astros will finally arrive! Again! 2015 was a pleasant surprise, but it was followed up by a disappointing season last year when the pitching game failed both on the starting and finishing ends.7 Our pitching has to be better this year, right? Combine that with the returning stable of exciting youngsters and the addition of some solid veterans… it’s our time to return to the postseason. Honestly, I don’t see a World Series run in this group,8 but anything can happen in October.

I have eight of last year’s ten playoff teams repeating (which seems unlikely), but no one else has really made any huge moves to improve from last year, and several teams have taken significant steps back.9 I guess a sleeper could emerge in one or more of these races, but they all look like bum steers to me.

I’m sure at least half of these picks will be wrong. See you at the ballpark.

I like his form.

I like his form.

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