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Sorry everyone, but I’ve decided to start blogging again

Sorry everyone, but I’ve decided to start blogging again

After a hiatus of several years, The Modernish Father is officially back in business. Feel free to rejoice or weep as you see fit.

For many of you who follow me on Twitter or have only come to know me over the past four years or so, the fact that I have a blog may be somewhat of a revelation. I’ve been pretty much MIA here since 2010, but I’ve actually had a website in one form or another since the waning days of 1994. My dad signed us up for fancy, new fangled dial up internet service through the local community college and they offered hosting. Thus, mainly out of boredom during Christmas break, this website was born.

Feeling that rebellious urge to get out from under my old man’s thumb and forge my own way in the world, I moved the site over to Geocities about a year or so later. I even remember the URL – It was there that the website (then called The Interactive Roz) bloomed, as I used it to document various important and unimportant things throughout the remainder of high school and college. At various times, it contained daily updated fan pages for the Texas A&M baseball team and Chicago Cubs, a collection of the college newspaper columns, a compendium of poorly written passages from my college textbooks, the Aggieland Pinball Temple, and even a microsite called “Tony Danza – What’s He Good For?,” which pitted Tony Danza against a randomly selected celebrity in various challenges.

Over the years, it eventually withered until I got married and had a kid. I suddenly found myself with a bunch of drooling baby photos and nowhere to showcase them, so The Interactive Roz was reborn. Somewhere along the line after we moved to Texas, it morphed into The Modernish Father and became one of the many slice-of-daily-life blogs that proliferated in cyberspace in the early 2000s (except totally more awesome than the rest of them). The site has gone through more licks of paint than I keep track of, but here’s a few samples from days gone past. Everything since 2007 is still here on the site, but most of it probably looks pretty funky at the moment. I plan on going back over the next few months and fixing up those old posts so they work with this new template. I’ll also be adding some remastered missing content as well.

But why did I leave?

I don’t even really know. I’d like to say I wanted to go out on top like Elway after that second Super Bowl victory, but my enthusiasm for hammering out blog posts on a regular basis just gradually dissipated. Maybe I became burnt out. Maybe life just become too busy. Maybe I just ran out of interesting things to say. Regardless of the reason, tumbleweeds started rolling across the pages here.

(Secretly, though, I think we all know the real reason.)

But why am I back?

I wanted to return to blogging when we moved to San Francisco, but I didn’t want it become a daily helping of “OMG, YOU GUYZ, SF IS THE BEST CITY EVARRRRR!!!”, so I decided to give it a year or so to let the newness of city life sink in. It’s now been 18 months, so I think I’m over the initial honeymoon period with living here. Now when you see my daily “OMG, YOU GUYZ, SF IS THE BEST CITY EVARRRRR!!!” posts, you can know that they come from the heart.

Seriously though, I’ve felt an increasing urge to tell stories and rant and render ridiculous judgements on things using more than 140 characters. Twitter, which has been so very good to me over these past five years and is still an integral part of my digital existence, has become to feel just a tad constraining. Sometimes I’d like to be able to say something to the masses without having to break it up into five tweets.

So I’m back. And hopefully back to stay for at least a little while. I’m not promising to keep carrying the torch until I type my last, dying words in 2073, but I’ve got a content calendar lined up with things to keep me blogging at least until October. That’s not a bad start I’d say.

So, let’s see if I show up again tomorrow, shall we?


  • Kelli Levey on Jun 16, 2014 Reply

    Oh, how I have missed your snarky self!

  • Caitlyn on Jun 16, 2014 Reply

    It is the BEST CITY EVARRRR 😀

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