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An actual post with words and stuff

An actual post with words and stuff

Not how this blog is actually produced

Hello. Is this thing still on?

I know – words! Pretty shocking, huh?

I really haven’t blogged much at all since the heading out to Florida last February. There’s a number of reasons, some of which I’ll list here now in an attempt to assuage some of my guilt.

Reason the first

Work has been eating up a lot of my time and brain power. Last summer, I started on a project that seemed fairly manageable at first, but has since come to absorb nearly every waking moment of my work week (and frequently the weekends and holidays as well). You know, one of those “Hey, just take this and meet me at the Prancing Pony” kind of things that quickly morphs into an epic, years-long quest to travel into Mordor and destroy the embodiment of all evil in the fires of Mount Doom. That kind of project.

But good news, everyone! I think I can finally see the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. Or maybe I’ve just lost enough of my sanity to convince myself that I can. Either way, I’m feeling much better about the whole thing and might conceivably start spending some of my time at a keyboard for personal pursuits.

Reason the second

As many of you know, The Wife is in graduate school. You’d think this would afford me more time to blog, since she’s always got her nose buried in a book or a term paper in the evenings, but somehow it’s actually resulted in less time for such endeavors. I’m not sure why. It has something to do with having two kids and the gravitation pull of the moon.

The good news here (for several reasons) is that The Wife will wrap up her schooling in May. I can then go back to largely ignoring the kids and refocus on blogging.

Reason the third

The other seven minutes of my day have been devoted mostly to sleep. Sometimes I’ll mix in a little TV or light reading, but mostly sleep.

I’ve decided to cut back to just three minutes of sleep/recreation per day, therefore giving me at least four minutes of daily blogging time. Huzzah!

So what now?

I actually have quite a few posts that I started over the past few months but never finished, so I’ll be completing some of those and finally getting them up here. And I’ve got some ideas for stuff I want to write about, so maybe I’ll do that too.

For those of you who haven’t been following me on Twitter and need a quick update:

  • I completed the Year Four project and, judging from the analytics, none of you looked at it. Fine, whatever. I don’t need your approval.
  • I have made no progress whatsoever on the DS9 project. Mostly just to annoy Marcos.
  • I completely abandoned running, but am trying to get back into it slowly.
  • My son and I took a road trip out to Florida to watch the last space shuttle launch. (I’ll have a post on that eventually.)
  • The Astros, Rockies and Aggie football teams all had pretty horrible seasons, resulting in much gnashing of teeth on my part.
  • I am the only Broncos fan on the planet who managed to be indifferent to the whole Tebowmania thing.
  • I still have no hair on my head. Except when I forget to shave it.
  • The kids have all been doing the usual mix of baseball, basketball and gymnastics.
  • The Wife went to Qatar. Other than Florida, I’ve been nowhere of interest since last we spoke.
  • The Boy turned nine. The Girl turned four. I may or may not have gotten a year older as well.
  • I’m still struggling to find a compelling reason to login to Google+.

So there you go. Everyone should be caught up now.

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