Celebrating 20 years of obscurity on the world wide web


January, 2010

Hotels.com, you’re on my list

For all those happy warm fuzzy customer service stories you hear about online service companies, there’s lazy crap like this that goes on.

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Continuing education

Soon there will be a Master in our household and it won’t be me. And that’s a good thing.

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California, here I come

It’s time to hit the road… er, tarmac… er, whatever. I’m going on a trip via airplane, okay?

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Wordless Wednesday: Free beans

This week’s WW proves that sometimes it’s just better to pay for the beans.

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Made in Taiwan

Oh, virtual reality… is there anything you can’t make more accessible for the idiotic masses?

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Wordless Wednesday: Muir Woods National Monument

At least that’s what the National Park Service insists on calling it. I prefer to refer to it as Endor.

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Fortune cookie wisdom

Confucius say wisdom sometimes comes in bullet points.

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Wordless Wednesday: Choosing a side

Something new for WW: commentary on a current pop culture thingamajig! How unusually relevant.

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