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Why so tired?

Because I ran a freaking half-marathon yesterday!

Did I get a finisher’s medal? Did I get a free shirt? Was there even anyone at the finish to congratulate me?

No, because I was a moron and just did it during a regular weekend workout instead of an actual race. All of the kids outside the Rec just thought I was some pitiful old dude who was knocking on death’s door after running in from the parking lot. Little do they know that I was knocking on death’s door after traipsing through 13.1 miles of drizzle and cold.

Perhaps that’s being a little unfair to myself; I wasn’t out of breath or dragging my feet or anything. In fact, I was still chugging along at a pretty decent clip all the way to finish. I was definitely ready to be done though. Usually I’m confident that I could keep going at the end of a run, but I know I didn’t have a 14th or 15th mile in me yesterday.

The biggest mistake I made was stopping. That’s when the soreness kicks in. Damn you, 31-year old body. I now understand the whole rationale behind that society in Logan’s Run. Pounding out 13 miles is nothing, but sitting in a car for the five-minute ride home is what kills you. I couldn’t really move or even feel my legs until after the kids went to bed last night.

I guess I’ll be ready for that half-marathon in Austin after all. Good thing, since I signed up for it last week before the registration fee increased.


  • Kristine on Dec 07, 2009 Reply

    I am still so in awe of you running types!

  • Carol Tucker on Dec 07, 2009 Reply

    wait to go! did you have a running plan? curious because as much time as I spend on a treadmill i wonder if I shouldn’t make the leap..

  • The Modernish Father on Dec 08, 2009 Reply

    I honestly don’t have an overall training plan, other than to do a little bit more each week than a did before. My main focus each day is finishing the distance goal I’ve decided upon in a completely unscientific manner.

    I have kind of settled into a pattern though:

    · Tuesdays through Friday, I generally run 3 miles in the morning – mostly because that’s all I have time for before work.

    · On Saturdays, I run a longer distance (currently 6-7 miles) that’s about half the distance that I plan to run the following day.

    · On Sundays, I do my big run. This where I stretch the limits and try to beat the previous week’s distance.

    · Mondays are recovery days. I’ll either stick to a stationary bike or take the day off completely depending on how my legs feel.

  • Carol Tucker on Dec 09, 2009 Reply

    thanks for the description. I hope to be inspired to work out more often – mostly add in weekend days again…I just don’t ever want to….

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