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You can stay in my barn, but only if you speak up

Last time, I mentioned that The Boy had a big two-line part as “The Innkeeper”in his pre-school’s Christmas play. I can happily report that The Boy performed his part well and didn’t succumb to stage fright or a case of the mumbles like many of his classmates.

Well, he got to do 50% of his planned performance. Thanks to another child who couldn’t hammer out his line, his debut was only as half as spectacular as it should have been.

There's no room in the inn.The Boy’s first line was “There’s no room in the inn,” which he delivered eloquently. At that point, the kid playing Joseph was supposed to say something in response, to which The Boy would reply, “You can stay in my barn.”

Lil’ Joseph, though, got a case of stage fright and just stood there like a bump on a log. After a while, he gathered up the nerve to whisper the line in The Boy’s ear.

The Boy wouldn’t stand for that. Joseph needed to say his line out loud so everyone could hear it. The Boy told him so.

Joseph couldn’t handle the pressure and opted just to resume his previous log bump impersonation. After a few awkward seconds, one of the teachers moved them on to the next scene.

The Boy didn’t seem to be too broken up about it and neither was I. In fact, I was extremely pleased that the whole program lasted fifteen minutes – no doubt the shortest school play I’ll ever attend. Plus he was cute in his costume.

The natives get restless

The Wife has lost the ability to sleep for more than twenty minutes at a time, is starting to have irregular but substantial contractions and can no longer get up out of any chair or couch without assistance, all of which is understandably making her pretty grumpy.

Just how grumpy is she, you ask? She actually busted out the keyboard and posted a new entry on her own blog about it.

We have our second-to-last doctor’s appointment (assuming everything goes as planned) tomorrow afternoon. I am glad for her sake that this is nearly all over.

Fries at the bottom of the bag

  • Early Christmas, Part Deux was enjoyed by all. The Boy was once again spoiled beyond belief and The Baby made out pretty well too. Multiple people took many pictures. The Dog wore a bow.
  • The Wife finally worked up the courage to cut The Boy’s hair herself. She did a good job, especially given his ticklish squirming.
  • It’s extremely nice to work on campus during semester break. The building in which I work is like a ghost town. I like ghost towns.
  • I’ve managed to archive some more old photos: January-March 2003 and April-June 2003. They’re not labeled, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on in most of them.
  • Thanks to the ongoing writer’s strike and reruns of Letterman, I’ve ended up watching “Corner Gas” on WGN in the evenings, even though I don’t really like it all that much. It’s quirky, Canadian and almost funny (but not quite). I want it to be really funny, but it’s just not. And yet I can’t stop watching it each night. I’m watching it now. I think I might need an intervention.

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  • Kristine on Dec 20, 2007 Reply

    Love it! Nope, I said my line, you say yours dammit! HEHE

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